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That Androgynous Cut

Finding your personal style or favorite cut may involve elements of both masculine and feminine haircuts. This is where androgyny comes in. Haircuts that aren’t definitively masculine or feminine can result in so many different looks! This can mean something very specific and stylized that pulls the shape of either feminine or masculine while having touches or details of the other; or a more versatile cut that, when styled in different ways, can read as masc or femme on whichever day you decide.

Allowing for androgyny in your cut could mean the difference between a more mild, everyday style and a bold, exciting, edgy look. For instance, a mullet is already a guideline for a unique shape, bold on its own, and for decades has been worn by both men and women. What are the details that help this edgy cut lean more one way than the other? Fringe, or the front area of the cut, can be a huge factor in how a cut feels. Shorter, more harsh bangs can read masculine, while wispy, soft fringe reads feminine. Shaved sides would read more masculine while combable, textured sides would read more feminine. A more exciting look, and one that rides the edge between genders, could come from the mixture of shaved sides and soft fringe. Contrast makes this and many cuts more visually exciting, and combining features of both genders creates a look that doesn’t have to be defined by one or the other.

Perhaps your curiosity of androgyny stems from how you feel? For those who are gender-fluid or non-binary, an androgynous hairstyle could be a step closer to gender-affirmation, or a step further from gender-dysphoria. Feeling yourself is so important, no matter how you identify! You should love your cut and feel good in it, as it’s the only thing you wear every day! Deciding how you want to present yourself to the world and executing that with the help of your barber or stylist can feel really great and lend you some confidence. Image searching “androgynous hairstyles” will yield both short and long cuts, and more varied shapes than you might imagine. When free from gender boundaries, possibilities become pretty endless and the cut can be tailored exactly to you.

There are a ton of details that can help your style lean towards presenting one way or the other. Volume placement, hairline details (nape shape and depth, sideburn length and shape, fringe), and feature accentuation can all play a part in the general feel of the cut. For example, volume in the crown can give a softer feminine feel with certain styles. A squared off sideburn, as opposed to pointed or textured, gives masculine energy, as does a square neckline versus pointed or rounded while a tapered nape could go either way. Fringe that accentuates cheekbones and brings attention to the eye gives femme, while lengths that accentuate the jawline give mask. Features from both sides can come together as your original look. Comfortable, dramatic, gender-affirming options are all included. If you’re unsure where to begin, a basic cut can be a starting silhouette to build on with details and the help of your hair care specialist.

-Lauren, THRPYsuites.


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